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Increasingly, film festivals are requiring submissions be on Blu-ray disc as opposed to DVD or other antiquated media.  For film festivals, Blu-ray offers a great mix of high-resolution images and low cost for displaying the films. You can buy a Blu-ray player at nearly any electronics store and pair it with a projector for a quick and easy film festival.


So, you’ve finally got your film into a festival and you have high hopes but there’s a problem. They only take Blu-ray. Just bring us your movie file and we’ll handle the rest. First, we encode your file to make it Blu-ray compliant while maintaining the highest quality possible. Next, we author your Blu-ray Disc which is commonly referred to as a BD. Next, we burn you a master disc and as many extra copies as you need. Finally, we custom print the discs with your artwork and film title/info. All BD’s include a storage case.


Perhaps your needs are a little more complex? You’re not just looking for a film festival screener BD, you’re looking for a full-blown Blu-ray with all the trimmings including deleted scenes, trailer, outtakes, behind the scenes featurette. This is our specialty whether you already have artwork designed for the menus and a layout in mind or you have nothing at all but just want it to look cool. Leave it to us and you’ll always be impressed.


Whether it’s encoding, color correction, closed captioning services, color grading, quality control, HDCAMSR or any other post-production services in Los Angeles, HD Creative Services can satisfy your needs. We also provide video production rentals.


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