3D Stereoscopic

3D Stereoscopic Post-production Services

3D Stereoscopic Post-production Services

Post-production Services

HD Creative Services is a provider of 3D stereoscopic content post-production services.

We provide complete services for feature films and TV, including:

  • 3D real-time convergence and alignment
  • 2D to 3D conversion
  • 3D finishing
  • DI in full resolution
  • 3D stereoscopic
  • 3D DCP
  • 3D HDCAM-SR tape mastering

We use Assimilate Scratch for real-time 3D playback and processing, as well as CineForm Neo 3D.

3D Stereoscopic Post-production Services


While 3D stereoscopic cinema is nothing new and have been around with us since the 50s, today it is quickly becoming an increasingly popular exhibition format. The number of 3D screens worldwide keeps on growing on an annual basis and new 3D channels are becoming a reality.


At HD Creative Services, we have some pretty cool tools to get the job done and your vision to the big screen. We use Assimilate Scratch, which enables us to perform real-time alignment and convergence in 2K DPX. We have several locations that range between a studio with 73” DLP and 54” Plasma to a fully equipped theater with color-calibrated 2K DLP Digital Cinema Barco projector and a silver screen. That fact alone allows you to reach the same level, professionalism, speed and quality the top media and finishing companies have.


In addition, we use Nuke for 3D correction and warping and have a Neo 3D Cineform platform as well for editorial. We work with both RealD and ExpanD technology. We have the ability to master directly to our HDCAM-SR decks in stereo 3D, as well as DCP 3D creation. In short, we cover all bases when it comes to 3D.


We work with some of the best stereographers in the world and we always make it a point to reach the highest level of professionalism and results.


In addition, we provide 2D -> 3D conversion services, in a combination of automatic and manual work in a process that will work within your budget range. As the world begins demanding 3D content, we are in a position to help you with converting your content.


We encourage you to contact us for a free in-house demo and consultation about your next 3D project. We love to educate our peers and we always learn from each and every project.


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