4K / 2K / HD DI & Finishing

4K / 2K / HD DI & Finishing

4K / 2K / HD DI & Finishing

4K / 2K / HD DI & Finishing

  • Full service DI, color grading and finishing for features, TV, music videos and commercials.
  • When quality matters, you want to choose HD Creative Services.
  • We offer a variety of options, from a high-end fully equipped theater with a calibrated 2K Digital Cinema Barco Projector, to an affordable DI suite for independent content.
  • All real-time. All high-quality.

4K / 2K / HD DI & Finishing

It is no secret that we have built our company on Digital Intermediate and finishing services for features and TV and have learned to use and leverage all possible resources available. With vast experience and knowledge behind us and a solid track record, we can honestly say that we can deliver at any level and meet any standards and expectation.

We offer complete DI & finishing packages for any type of project and any type of acquisition and delivery format – 35mm, 16mm, RED, RAW, Uncompressed, 444 RGB, DPX, Cineon, CineForm, ProRes and many more.

We offer various packages to choose from:

Full Theatrical DI:

Situated at a high-end theater setup, with a large theater screen and a 2K DLP Digital Cinema color-calibrated projector, taking dual-input HD-SDI, we can meet any standard and any theatrical requirement. Our Scratch color grading system operates in real-time and offers incredible and high-performance tools for unlimited amount of moving windows, curves and various secondary color and vector adjustments, multiple rendering options and real-time playback on any resolution, including real-time 3D dual stream DPX playback.

Indie DI:

No filmmaker is left behind. For films and projects that do not require a high-end situation, we offer an affordable way to get the work done. Set up for theatrical delivery and worldwide broadcast, we offer a DaVinci or Apple Color studio DI setup, utilizing CRTs and Plasma screens to ensure you get the colors right. If your reources are limited and you still want to get the best quality possible for your project, as you should, you should contact us for a consultation.

The Art of Color:

Color grading is an art, just like painting is. The founder of the company is a colorist himself, and as such, our freelance colorists are top notch. We always adhere to the highest of standards with regards to satisfying our clients needs and requirements as well as incorporating the artistry and magic of color work. For us, it’s personal.

Final Finish:

We perform all final finish tasks, including titles and credits creation and integration, motion effects, digital noise reduction, VFX integration, versioning, pan & scan, audio laybacks and all other aspects that come to play.

Visual Effects (VFX):

We provide some VFX services, including green screen, rotoscoping, wire removal, backgrounds creation, stabilizing, tracking etc. Please read more in the VFX section.

Technical Deliveries:

No DI is complete without technical deliveries. We service all formats in house with our highly knowledgeable and experienced technical delivery team. We are able to handle all delivery requirements for domestic and worldwide distribution, including: DCP, HDCAM-SR 4:4:4 / 3D, HDCAM, Digital Betacam PAL/NTSC down conversions, digital encoding, deliveries and uploads, shipping and logistics.

Related Services:

In addition, we offer complete closed-captioning, legalizing, QC, Blu-ray, DVD screeners and all other additional media related services that are required for various clients and broadcasters.

The Support You Need:

Our team here stands ready to educate and empower you in all aspects of the post, DI and delivery process. After all, it is one of the most critical phase, where your film, TV project, commercial or music video become a tangible item you can present, exhibit and sell. We want you to be successful so that you keep coming back and recommend us to your peers.

When you are ready for your DI, please contact us for a complete overview of your project.

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