Broadcast Delivery DIY Rental Package

DCP Creation Admin | 28 June 2011 | VTR & Post Rentals | | 0 Comments   

This is a special package design to provide any content producer, filmmaker, editor and post-supervisor the ability to easily lay back, master and create delivery elements for broadcast distribution.

Package includes:

• Harris DL-860 Legalizer

• Leader LV-5700A Waveform/Vectorscope

• JVC DTV-24L1D 24″ LCD Broadcast Monitor

Using this package, you can easily and comfortably generate your delivery tapes, knowing that you can control the broadcast specs, as well as monitor all pertinent broadcast aspects using the highly versatile Waveform/Vectorscope unit and a 24″ broadcast monitor using standard HD-SDI.

No more need to worry, do unnecessary and time consuming renders and hope it turns out ok.

Take control of your deliveries and get it done right.


LEADER LV-5700A Waveform Vectroscope

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