Closed-Captioning & Sub-Titling

Closed-Captioning & Sub-Titling

Closed-Captioning & Sub-Titling

Closed-Captioning & Sub-Titling

HD Creative Services handles many titles with closed-captioning services and subtitles. In fact, chances are you have seen some of our captions and subtitles if you have been watching TV.

We work directly with the studios, as well as many film & TV production and distribution companies, and offer complete solutions for this type of need.

  • Closed-Captioning for Broadcast, TV & DVD

We offer all related closed-captioning services, from creation and transcription, to alignment, QC, creating multiple versions for various frame rates and are able to import and export any type of closed-caption format – Cheetah, Ultech, .cap, .scc and all others.

We generate EIA-608 & EIA-708 captions for both SD & HD, as well as generate or convert captions for DVD and Blu-ray discs.

We are also able to fix captions that are not fully aligned, or that are missing some key information such as lines, SFX and lyrics, as well as re-align them to minimize obtrusiveness and enhance the viewing experience, and ensure they all appear within title safety.

We do ongoing deliveries for the top US networks with captions in all various formats and frame rates – SD 29.97, HD 23.98, HD 59.94 etc.

We also have all the VTR decks to encode the captions into the master tapes – HDCAM-SR, HDCAM, D5 HD, Digital Beta NTSC, Digital Beta PAL etc.

  • Closed-captioning for the Web

We are capable of providing closed-captioning services for web programming at a special rate, whether it is embedded directly, or by option such as on YouTube. Your web content can have greater exposure and penetration with adding closed-captions features.

  • Sub-titles

We offer English subtitles services, including transcription, creation, arrangement, rendering and laybacks. We can take your already made subtitles list with timecode and add it to the file or tape, or create it from scratch. We can import or export from any format to any format and can provide the list for DVD applications, web applications etc.

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