Edit Bay 4 (3D)

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This is a front dedicated 3D 100 SqFt Final Cut / Avid Edit Bay with 73″ DLP 3D & Neo 3D CineForm license

The bay comes with:

• 8-Core Intel Mac

• 3 Computer Display Setup

• 73″ 3D DLP

• Neo 3D CineForm License including First Light & ReMaster

• Speakers

• 16TB Fast eSATA G-Speed Pro RAID storage

• Video Card

• RealD 3D Gear + 5 3D Glasses

The bay can be networked with any of the other bays for projects that require more than one workstation.

Can be configured for FCP or Avid.

Storage can be upgraded without additional cost.


Ideal for:

• 3D projects

• Feature editorial and offline

• Online and finishing

• Documentaries and long-term projects

• 3D files and CineForm

• RED, Arri Alexa, ProRes, DVCPro HD, Canon 5D H.264, Uncompressed RGB


Some of the amenities included:

• 8Mbpsx2Mbps Cable and WiFi

• 1 Parking spot

• Central Hollywood location

• Access to patio for client meetings and lunch breaks

• 50% off on all tape-based operations, VTR uses, DCP, Blu-ray and all other delivery items with us

• 25% off on all our camera and production gear rentals


To reserve this bay (Bay 4), please contact us at:

(323) 469 0209


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