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Here at HD Creative Services we not only author DVDs we also encode your files to make them DVD-compliant using the highest quality encoding tools available. Despite what some people may think DVD’s hold highly compressed video and audio files. If these files aren’t encoded properly it’s very likely you won’t be happy with the results.


Consumer software like iDVD can encode your video to make it DVD-compliant but it will suffer from artifacts, interlacing issues, glitches and will just be low quality overall. We use professional software and hardware to encode your footage to get the maximum quality out of your source material so that your new DVD not only works great, it looks great and sounds great as well.


Whether it’s encoding, color correction, closed captioning services, color grading, quality control, HDCAMSR or any other post-production services in Los Angeles, HD Creative Services can satisfy your needs. We also provide video production rentals.


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