Equinox Non Compete Agreement

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Kara Maciel, a partner at Conn Maciel Carey PLLC, Washington, D.C., said she spoke to many people who were looking for jobs in the health care sector and expressed dismay at the competition bans. Answer: Yes. The restriction applies only to non-competition rules and not to other types of restrictive agreements, such as. B prohibition of debauchery or confidentiality agreements. Non-publicity may prohibit an employee or contractor from soliciting customers and other employees of a company, and a confidentiality agreement (or confidentiality agreement) may protect a company`s trade secrets and other proprietary or confidential information, including customer lists, pricing models, and marketing plans. Some people see non-competition as the domain of powerful companies trying to protect their trade secrets. However, non-competitors have value for many types of businesses, including fitness centers, especially when it comes to preventing employees from leaving the company. and take their members. Here`s a more accurate look at what all fitness entrepreneurs should know about competition bans.

Steinmeyer encouraged any club owner considering a non-compete clause to consider the day their lawyer will be tried and defend the document. “Over the past 20 years, trade secrets have become an increasingly important aspect of a company`s business, with the fact that they are now easier to move. So if you think about recipes or production processes, they are all recorded electronically and can now very easily move from a company. You have staff who are increasingly mobile and change jobs, and more than 50% of them admit to taking information when they leave, so companies are very worried that the information will move when the employee moves, and I think that`s why you`ve seen an increase in non-compete rules. “Steinmeyer generally recommends a six-month limit and Maciel recommends indicating a radius (z.B. five miles) in the prohibition. Both agree that the language of the non-competition clause should focus on the work done by an employee for a club and prevent that employee from doing the same work for a competitor. In addition, competition prohibitions vary from state to state and can be difficult to implement, and the potential challenges of non-competition are multiplying. In this context, the experts recommend that owners carefully consider whether they have legitimate business interests in justifying the non-competition, whether the conditions are reasonable and whether, ultimately, they would be upheld in court.

“I signed a non-competition in an outright women`s gym that didn`t want me to teach in other pure women`s gyms in the area,” admits Amanda Vogel, M.A., owner of Active Voice in Vancouver, BC. “I didn`t like signing it because as an independent contractor, I keep my options open where to teach.” The extent to which non-competition rules are permitted varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Some jurisdictions, such as the State of California, invalidate non-compete rules for all others than equity players in companies. . . .