Eyelash Extensions Agreement

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I understand that there are a lot of variables, including the know-how of the technicians, the hair growth cycle, the use of cosmetics, skin care products and general care that influence how long my eyelash extensions/eyelash tightening stay in place. I understand and agree that my eyes are closed and covered for the duration of the intervention from 60 to 120 minutes. I understand that I have to close my eyes until I am asked to do so, and when I open them, it is at my own expense. I understand that when I used lower eyelash extensions, I opened my eyes and used instruments, tapes, detergents, eye gels, adhesives and sparks that irritate my open eyes, which can cause them to cry and blink in excess, prevent use and/or prevent removal and follow-up by a doctor and subsequent removal of eyelash extensions. Whether you`re an eyelash stylist in an eyelash studio or running your own eyelash extension and permanent makeup store, it`s important to inform customers of the potential risks of the procedure due to allergic reactions to adhesive gel or accidental injuries to the eye part and get their consent at the beginning of each appointment.