File Services

File Services

File Services

File Services

We have invested in a fast internet pipeline and are capable of providing safe, fast and secure file delivery for various purposes and for clients all over the world.

By utilizing fast and secure internet deliveries you can save money on shipping and media fabrication costs, custom delays, lost shipments and overall a faster and easier way to deliver content.

Digital delivery, distribution and contribution are expected to grow exponentially as more and more producers and content providers realize this new realm and the convenience it offers.

We offer the complete solution for virtually any need:

  • Files Servicing, Encoding, QC & Management

We have invested in numerous high-quality file encoding packages to ensure top quality results, using complex intra-frame and interpolation compression algorithms deployed over centric-networked high-performance workstations. We take encoding and compression engineering very seriously and spend time and effort in constant R&D and ways to improve our workflow and pipeline.

We encode to and from MPEG 2, MPEG 4, JPEG 2000, DCP, H.264, AAC, MP3, QuickTime, AVI, Flash, WMV, Divx and a host of other industry-accepted formats. We can work from any available format, such as DPX, Cineon, RAW, RED, Uncompressed, RGB, ProRes etc.

We service files for VOD, Pay-TV, internet, digital cinema, DCP, streaming and a host of various applications. If we haven’t yet done it, and you need it – we will figure it out for you!


  • Upload & Packing Services

We provide various software/hardware based upload options, as well as hosting and file packing services to minimize errors and reduce upload time.  We can host and hold media for any required period of time on any of our secure servers.

  • Streaming and Content Distribution

We work with several affiliates who are market leaders in the internet streaming and hosting sector, and are able to offer various options and support to enable our clients to improve their business model, profitability and overall performance.

  • Client Management & Logistics

No file services solution will be complete without offering the client management part of the spectrum. We provide client interaction services, including posting links, managing queues, upgrading versions and ensuring that content has been delivered to your client in the time requested.

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