Financial Responsibility Agreement Wellesley College

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You can access the student account by signing up for Workday. More information and step-by-step instructions can be found on the Workday website. If you have any connection problems, please send an email to Wellesley College has partnered with Nelnet Enterprise Solutions to offer an interest-free monthly payment option that gives your family greater budget flexibility and help managing your monthly cash flow. Instead of making two lump sum payments at the beginning of each semester, the Nelnet plan allows you to pay all or part of your education expenses at more manageable monthly payments. You can use the Nelnet plan to pay the balance after financial aid or in combination with other financing options such as loans to parents or students. Please note that a registration fee is charged but no interest is charged. Visit Nelnet on Workday for more information. Including forms for loans, financial aid, student accounts and student employment. Also known as Institutional Needs Analysis, Student Financial Services at Wellesley College assesses each student`s financial support. SFS carefully evaluates each student`s application individually and measures a family`s ability to pay for university with standardized methods of income and wealth analysis. Students are strongly advised to contact SFS when considering leave or retiring from university to discuss the financial impact.

Leave may be allowed for students who withdraw from university for a variety of reasons. The dean of the class informs about the different types of leaves. In many cases, leave is granted before the start of the semester. However, when a student drops out after the first day of class, her costs and financial aids are subject to adaptation. For more information, see withdrawals, leave, and tuition refunds below. The participation fee (also known as your financial aid budget) is used to calculate your financial aid offer. The participation fee includes both direct costs (tuition, tuition, rooms and meals on campus) and indirect costs (books, personal allowances and transportation). For more information about these fees, see tuition and fees. Addressing families` concerns about debt is at the heart of Wellesley`s financial assistance policy. We are committed to making education affordable by keeping student credit low.

Debt should not restrict a Wellesley student`s choice after graduation. The maximum amount of loan debt available to students is currently $15,200 for every four years. Students who do not receive financial aid should read on the OIS website the information related to obtaining studies abroad. Student Financial Services works one-on-one with families to provide assistance if circumstances unexpectedly change their ability to pay. If you receive financial assistance, you can find more information on Appel. If you are not currently receiving financial assistance, please contact our office to discuss your options. The amount that a student`s parents should contribute to the expected family contribution. In calculating the parental contribution, the university takes into account the calculated total income of the family, the size of the family and the number of children at the university.

It also takes into account assets that include investments, ownership, business value, rental properties, trusts, etc. .