Leader LV-5700 Waveform/Vectorscope

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LEADER LV-5700A Waveform Vectroscope

This is truly an incredible unit for any one who needs a real QC (quality control) capabilities for the field, production or the studio (post).

The Leader LV-5700 allows you to monitor in real-time the overall picture and audio, as well as VANC, and analyze the signal for delivery and health purposes.

The Leader LV-5700 units takes HD-SDI and SD-SDI can can read most popular broadcast formats – NTSC, PAL, 1080i (59.94 & 50), 1080p (24 & 23.98) and 720. It feature a highly versatile Waveform Monitor, Vectorscope Monitor, Audio Monitor, Data Monitor and Picture Monitor.

Waveform includes the ability to analyze and count lines, flat pass, single/dual waveform and many other advanced options.

Vectorscope allows adjustment and calibration of various color systems and levels

Audio features allow peak reading, phase analyzing and axis display for measuring stereo and 5.1

Data monitors VANC (ancillary date such as closed-captioning) and various data-related errors

Multi-mode enables previewing all modes on one display, which makes the QC and quality assurance process extremely easy and versatile

One of the key benefits, is the ability to set error ranges and alerts, which renders a list of errors with timecode countdowns per event.

The Leader LV-5700 allows two inputs (A/B), which is ideal of monitoring and comparing two sources simultaneously.

This unit will integrate in any post, field or production environment. Whether you are shooting a feature film, TV, sports or in a post environment and doing DI, mastering, finishing and tape laybacks, you do now want to be without the Leader-5700.

LEADER LV-5700A Waveform Vectroscope

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