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Outgoing Edit Systems Rentals


Are you in need of a FCP / Avid Edit System at your location?

We can help. We offer outgoing client-location edit systems rentals with full delivery, setup and installation.

We have several systems to choose for:

• Offline Editorial

• Online & Finishing

• 3D Editing

• Closed-captioning Creation

• Editorial for RED, Arri Alexa, CineForm, Uncompressed, ProRes, Canon 5D and more


In addition we offer full service on all post gear and accessories:

• HD & SD VTRs (HDCAM-SR, HDCAM, D5, Digibeta PAL, Digibeta NTSC, HDV, P2)

• JL-Cooper Spectrum / MC-3000 Tactile Colorist Panel

• Tangent Wave Colorist Panel

• Monitors

• Teranex Converters

• Legalizers

• Waveform / Vectorscope Monitors


Please contact us to receive a quote at (323) 469 0209


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