Panasonic D5 HD AJ-HD3700B

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Panasonic D5 HD AJ-D53700B

Panasonic D5 HD AJ-D53700B

Top of the line Panasonic D5 AJ-HD3700B HD studio quality VTR, with full resolution 4:2:2 digital 10-bit component recording, for all your digitizing, mastering, dubs and finishing needs.

This unit integrates well with Final Cut Pro, Avid, BlackMagic Decklink series, AJA series and others.

D-5 HD uses standard D-5 video tape cassettes to record HD material, using an intra-frame compression with a 4:1 ratio. D-5 HD supports the 1080 and the 1035 interlaced line standards at both 60 Hz and 59.94 Hz field rates, all 720 progressive line standards and the 1080 progressive line standard at 24, 25 and 30 frame rates. Four 48 kHz 24-bit PCM audio channels, or eight 48 kHz 20-bit channels, are also supported. D-5 runs at different data rates for different formats:

  • 323 Mbit/s (1080/59.94i/8CH, 720/59.94p/8CH, 480/59.94i/8CH)
  • 319 Mbit/s (576/50i/8CH)
  • 300 Mbit/s (1080/59.94i/4CH, 720/59.94p/4CH, 480/59.94i/4CH)
  • 258 Mbit/s (1080/23.98p/8CH, 1080/24p/8CH)
  • 269 Mbit/s (1080/50i/8CH, 1080/25p/8CH, 576/50i/4CH)

HD material is often captured for post production of film projects, whereby the D-5 HD scanning equipment is cheaper by the hour than a full resolution 2K film scan.

D5 offers a unique cost-advantage benefit from the standpoint of tape deliveries and archival purposes, and has recently seen a resurgence in use due to the recent and unfortunate Japanese earthquake disaster. Many producers and broadcasters around the world, resume usage of D5 for all delivery purposes in lieu of HDCAM-SR stock.

Please contact us with any questions regarding using D5 with your existing workflow.

Panasonic D5 HD AJ-D53700B

Panasonic D5 HD AJ-D53700B





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