Quality Control

Quality Control

Quality Control

Quality Control

With many years of experience and many film projects under our belt, we have truly developed a very knowledgeable and experience QC staff and capacity.

We generally QC each film on various setups to ensure its integrity and quality and utilizing CRT, LCD and Plasma monitors, as well as stereo equipment and 5.1 surround equipment separately.

We QC projects for any range of motion picture and TV project, from large theatrical films to smaller independent ones. Every QC is always supervised by an experienced DI person to ensure that the finer details are being noted.

Our QC and masters pass the rigorous requirements of US TV networks, film studios and worldwide distributors. We can work closely and directly with clients and broadcasters specs.

We offer and own the following:

  • • DCP QC from a DCP server on a theatrical screen & 2K projector
  • • HDCAM-SR – all flavors: HD-SR 3D, HD-SR 444, HD-SR 422, HD-SR SQ, HD-SR HQ
  • • HDCAM, D5 HD, Digibeta PAL / NTSC, BetaSP, DVCAM, HDV
  • • HD CRT, LCD, Plasma monitors

We cover:

  • • Broadcast levels legality, luma & chroma undershoot and overshoot
  • • Loudness levels, distortion, peaks and averages
  • • Tape packing, channel conditioning
  • • Technical measurements – line start/end, TC lines, closed-captioning, blanking
  • • Color shifts, contaminated blacks
  • • Audio problems, missing SFX, loose ADR, phasing issues
  • • Closed-captioning sync
  • • Title safety
  • • Textless, running time, specs


We also offer the ability to fix most problems in-house, whether by getting the corrected elements and doing quick laybacks at our facility directly from any format – DPX, Cineon, Uncompressed, RGB, ProRes etc.

Utilizing any LUT and color space conversion, or by ingesting and correcting the elements in-house by our staff, and doing it quickly, effectively and affordably.

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