Sony HDCAM-SR 444 SRW-5800

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The Film & TV industry workhouse VTR, has proven itself far and beyond for any mastering, broadcast and archival application. The HDCAM-SR studio VTR offers a diverse and dynamic range for content producers and broadcasters and include the ability to play and record at 4:2:2, 4:4:4, 3D, HQ, true progressive and much more.

With 12 channels of audio, no wonder this deck is the primary choice for producers and content creators alike for all delivery purposes, and allows to populate complete 5.1 Surround, Stereo, M&E and clean dialogue and music, all on one tape.

Our decks are occupied with the following cards:

HKSR-5801 – enabling SD & Down Conversion

HKSR-5802 – enabling HDCAM & Digital BetaCam read & Up Conversion

HKSR-5803 – enabling 3D, 4:4:4, and HQ recording

The SRW-5800 supports some of the formats:

1080p 23.98, 1080i 59.94, 1080i 50, 1080p 60, 1080p 59.94, 1080p 50, 1080p 24 and many more.

The SRW-5800 is a full bandwidth high definition VTR that utilizes the latest generation of the MPEG4 Studio Profile codec. This VTR includes many features as standard, 4:4:4 RGB SQ, 4:2:2 50/59.94P and double speed record & playback for 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 RGB SQ.

The SRW-5800 uses a higher particle density tape and is capable of recording in 10 bits 4:2:2 or 4:4:4 RGB with a video bitrate of 440 Mbit/s, and a total data rate of approx. 600 Mbit/s. The increased bitrate (over HDCAM) allows HDCAM SR to capture much more of the full bandwidth of the HD-SDI signal (1920×1080). It can also use a 2x mode with an even higher video bitrate of 880 Mbit/s, allowing for a single 4:4:4 stream at a lower compression or two 4:2:2 video streams simultaneously. The SRW-5800 uses MPEG-4 Part 2 Simple Studio Profile for compression, and expands the number of audio channels up to 12 at 48 kHz/24-bit.

There are 12 channels of audio recorded uncompressed at 24bit 48 kHz sampling. Each channel is capable of recording AES3 non-audio data, such as Dolby-E.

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