Sony HDV HVR-1500A

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Compact and efficient, the HDV has long been a favorite of documentary, corporate and “making of” content producers, due its affordability, compact side, easy of use and of course – the protection of recording to tape.

Today, tapeless recording has made big strides and conquered the acquisition field to a large extent. Still, for producers who absolutely need the safety and protection of tape recording, the HDV format offers that advantage.

One of the key benefits of the HVR-1500A that makes it unique in the HDV family, is its seemless integration with any HD-SDI and SD-SDI based post-production workflow. With SDI inputs and outputs, balanced XLR outputs and RS-422 for VTR control, the HVR-1500A can be plugged in to virtually any editing system with ease.

The HVR-1500A can play HDV, DVCAM, MiniDV and DV.

The HVR-1500A offers 2 channels of audio.

The HVR-1500A is a highly-versatile deck and offers both playback and recording of 1080i 59.94 and 1080i 50i in one unit!

The HVR-1500A offers the standard FireWire connectivity that is typical in DV-based VTRs.

The HVR-1500A has an easy-to-use and monitor LCD screen, supplementing the needs of using an expensive HD-SDI monitor.

The HVR-1500A Digital HD Videocassette Recorder is the successor to the HVR-1500. In addition to its robust functionality, HD-SDI input is pre-installed on the HVR-1500A. As an HDV™ source feeder/recorder the HVR-1500A is positioned as the high-end HDV deck in Sony’s HVR series. Inheriting the design concept of the market-acclaimed DSR-1500A, the HVR-1500A offers the same convenient features that professional users demand, such as quick mechanical response, multi-format DV playback, and a rich set of professional audio/video interfaces ranging from analog to SDI and AES/EBU. Additionally, the HVR-1500A offers HD-SDI input/output and RS-422A control capabilities, bridging HDV source material and assets with high-end HD formats and HD editing environments. With the optional HVBK-1520 board installed, the HVR-1500A has a wide range of capabilities such as up-converting DV recordings to 1080i or 720p signals and cross-convert 1080i HDV recordings to 720p signals. This allows operators to integrate DV and HDV source footage and assets into the same HD editing system and gives them the flexibility to choose between either a 1080i or 720p system.

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