DCP creation

Challenge: Getting DCP Succeffuly to the Theater

DCP projection is quickly becoming the standard distribution and exhibition standard all over the world. If you are reading this post, you probably have a need for a DCP. DCP (Digital Cinema Package) is a file, or a set... Read More »

Digital Cinema & Distribution

Digital Cinema & Distribution We offer the full range of digital cinema & distribution services – DCP creation in 2D & 3D for theatrical distribution per DCI standards, DPX creation and color-space conversion and tape-based backup and archiving. Digital... Read More »

File Services

File Services We have invested in a fast internet pipeline and are capable of providing safe, fast and secure file delivery for various purposes and for clients all over the world. By utilizing fast and secure internet deliveries you... Read More »

Quality Control

Quality Control With many years of experience and many film projects under our belt, we have truly developed a very knowledgeable and experience QC staff and capacity. We generally QC each film on various setups to ensure its integrity... Read More »


Blu-Ray We have invested in several high-priced ticket items to enable the creation of high-quality Blu-ray for our clients. We use a host of software and hardware solutions for high-quality encoding, using quality-preservation techniques including various intra-frame compression schemes,... Read More »

Site Map

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Vaulting, Shipping & Logistics

Vaulting, Shipping & Logistics We work with some of the leading media storage climate-controlled, dehumidified (dry), secure and fireproof vault facilities in Hollywood. As a post-production facility we would not be complete without offering the convenience and security of... Read More »