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Recently, three customers approached me with similar problems. All three had old VHS tapes that they were looking to have converted into more modern formats. If this is something you need contact Jesse @ (323) 469-0707 or He is our VHS conversion specialist.


The first customer had old home movies that had darkened and degraded with age. VHS is a very lossy format and over time the footage stored on VHS tapes will degrade significantly. The home movies contained on this customer’s tape were very important to her so besides having them converted to DVD she also wanted them to be restored. Using sophisticated software I was able to significantly brighten the image and clean out some of the artifacts present from degradation. The customer’s new DVD plays back better than the old VHS tape and won’t have the degradation problems in the future.


The second customer had an old training video that was filmed in a machine shop. The video had lots of background noises from the other machines running in the shop and as a result it was difficult to hear the host speaking during some sections of the video. The video was also blurry and the colors were washed out from age. Utilizing a specialized audio program I was able to take out the background noise without affecting the host’s voice. The new version of the video sounds much cleaner and most importantly you can actually hear the host speaking. I was also able to sharpen the image up and add back the missing saturation. The colors now look vibrant and the picture is much sharper and crisper than it was.


The third customer is an actor who had old VHS copies of his acting reels. Some of the older footage had a lot of video noise and had degraded to a point where it wasn’t usable in his reel anymore. The color was de-saturated and the lines in the footage were blurred and muted instead of crisp. Using sophisticated software I was able to eliminate a lot of the video noise and sharpen the image significantly. I also re-saturated the colors making the footage usable for the client’s new acting reel.


All three customers were very happy with the result. Whether it’s encoding, color correction, closed captioning services, color grading, quality control, HDCAMSR or any other post-production services in Los Angeles, HD Creative Services can satisfy your needs. We also provide video production rentals and fully equipped production teams for your shoot.


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