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It`s in the novel marriage agreement kk. 😊 Lisa gently rubbed her now enlarged belly. Lisa should be grateful that she was able to survive her pregnancy well during those eight months. Yes, it is blocked or mmg there is no suite.🙄 “Anisa”. Lisa didn`t expect to meet Anisa here. Lisa resigned exactly 4 months after her womb. The novel is now po Lot 2 at 30 Sept. Kk domizil wo ist kak? Lisa was devastated, she felt that it was the destruction of her life that made her think of ending her life immediately, but of course, it didn`t happen. The novel can be purchased in gramedia or other ga kak fatma bookstores. .? I look forward to the sequel. Mau ikuy po novelnya kakkk Just For You: #BukaInspirasi in Bukalapak TRUE STORY Lisa does not understand the meaning of Anisa`s speech. it was deleted by the author, as its sequel is in the novel mbka ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the useful information, don`t forget to visit my official website please check mbk again I ๐Ÿ™‚ “I understand.” Lisa answered with a smile.

The novel is good. Tp Chapter 21 is not open yes. ยซ This fate seems cruel, bitter when you swallow it, but God is just, if he is bitter, he must be sweet next to it. ยป Articles 20 to Fin cannot be opened. Sad. He is my soul mate. It was born out of my body. . “Similarly, I suggest you don`t go anywhere alone at the moment, in two weeks, maybe a new mother will have given birth, but my estimate could be wrong.” The middle-aged woman who was called by him to doctor only gently swallowed him. Lisa was relieved, at least there was still a part of her family that would accept her.ใ€€ “But everything will change when my son is born, when we hear his screams for the first time, it`s like we`re in a new life, the first time he touches you, you`ll realize that you`ll never be alone again because he`ll be with you.” “I understand my brother`s feelings at a time when I think life is cruel and unfair, and I feel lonely even though you`re surrounded by a lot of people.” In Lisa`s heart, Anisa`s speech was confirmed.

Please click on the WA link at the end of the article. . Alone, that`s the image for him right now. Who will accompany him on the eve of the birth of his first child, whom he did not expect. “I`ve never been married.” Lisa`s answer certainly surprised Anisa, but it didn`t take long, as Anisa smiled sympathetically. .